Dáithí agus Goliath 893 AD – The Learning Edition

Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 AD sees shepherd boy Dáithí mac Dathó caught up in a Viking raid led by Grimkell Glaumrsson. Set for release in 2018, its Learning Edition will cost €20 and is aimed at primary schools although the animation has audience appeal up to Junior Cert.

The animation stands out for its historical detailing. For, as clear even from their names—Thorsten Seamancer, Freygunnr Ulfsdóttir, Ottkell Pup, and Thidrek and Thrym Twice-Born, to name but a few—Grimkell’s warband are no shallow historical recreations, but Norse to the bone.

Or take Floki Finnbogisson and Snorri Kaflisson. Since they’re from trade towns—Floki from Kaupang in Norway and Snorri from Birka in Sweden—they are the original “townies” and so a way into depicting a group seldom seen on screen: the urban Norse. But they are also two chancers who would make the cats laugh and so you will probably be too busy laughing at their antics to notice the historical tie-ins woven into their personalities. But they are there.

As well as characters bios, historical notes and questions for the class, the Learning Edition book also contains a short story called “The Cuckoo’s Nurse” about the Dáithíocht character Deirdriu.