Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 AD

Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A.D. is a 30-minute animation that seeks to kickstart a TV series called The Dáithíocht Saga. Brought to you by Sciob Sceab in association with Fios FeasaDáithí agus Grimkell 893 A.D. is funded by COGG and animated by Gobstar Film.

Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A.D. will see VR release in 2018 and will be sold in a “learning edition” that bundles the animation with a booklet that unpacks its wealth of tie-ins with the history and Irish-language curriculum. Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A.D. is sure to entertain children from 4th class up in primary school up and secondary school students up to Junior Cert.

Story summary of Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A.D.

Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A. D. sees shepherd boy Dáithí mac Dathó caught up in a Viking raid led by Grimkell Glaumrsson. Short for his age, Dáithí hates it when his brother Bréanainn calls him a twerp. Another person who wrecks his head is Deirdriu. Everyone has a different idea about who Deirdriu is. To some “she’s a great girl to spin a yarn!”; to others she’s “nothing but a born liar!” 

But there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: if talking could do it, then Deirdriu’s the girl for the job! And, at least the way Deirdriu sees it, being able to talk until the cows come home is no bad thing when she dreams of finding fame as a bard.

Speaking of stories, Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 AD is unusual for the shades of grey it introduces into its reimagining of the classic tale of the underdog. For, the Norse have a saying: “no man is so good that he has no flaw, nor so bad that he’s good for nothing” (Hávamál) and so Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A. D. frequently switches focus to show that the baddie’s the hero when he’s telling the story.

Enter Grimkell Glaumrsson, a man so freakishly tall that rumour has it he’s descended from a frost giant.

With no choice but to take on the Norse giant, Dáithí has the sinking feeling that the only place that the underdog wins is in stories. And things don’t look much better for Deirdriu. When disaster strikes, she’s finally right where she always wanted to be: right there in thick of it. But what good is a scoop if you don’t survive to tell the story? Will Deirdriu live to tell the tale? Only time will tell.

Welcome to the Dáithíverse, a place full of fun and heartache. It’s the stuff of nightmares and what dreams are made of. It’s also the home of flawed heroes and villains who are not all bad. Whatever way you visit—through watching the films, reading the books, or donning a VR headset—chances are you won’t want go home again. Because it’s a place that will hold you spellbound.