Co-developers and Funders

Sciob Sceab Edutainment develops its animated products together with Gobstar Film, an Irish animation studioanimation studio based in Cork.

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The extended remake of Dáithí agus Grimkell 893 A.D. is funded by COGG [the Council for Gaeltacht and Irish-medium Education].

Cíor Thuathail‘s ability to sell as a language resource got a boost when Pat cast two native Irish speakers as voice actors for it through Áine Moynihan, director of an Lab, the Centre for the Irish-language Arts in Dingle. Fiosa Feasa, a multimedia company in Dingle, will source voice actors for Dáithí agus Goliath 893 AD.


In Sonas studio, Killarney, recording voices for Cíor Thuathail in November 2016