“The past has never felt so present.”

“The past is a foreign country,” a writer once wrote, “they do things differently there.” VR developers talk of “presence” when rating the immersiveness of VR sims and we maintain that a feeling of presence has as much to do with immersive characters and storylines as it does impressive graphics.

With this in mind, Sciob Sceab Edutainment brings you The VR Time Machine: a VR sim loaded into a VR headset installed in the exhibition space of a museum or visitor centre, each sim bringing the past to life so vividly, it feels like you’re there.


The difference with Sciob Sceab Edutainment’s VR service is that we offer bespoke story content designed around a museum’s key exhibits. So, let’s say you are the National Museum of Ireland: commissioning a VR Time Machine sim could see us design a sim around the Ardagh Chalice in which a young novice walks the VR user around the monastery where it was made while explaining what makes the chalice such a work of art.

Or, if you are a Viking heritage centre, we could design a VR sim around a Norse child who talks about his / her everyday life while giving the VR user a tour of the family longhouse.

Talk to us now about scripting and animating a VR experience that your visitors will never forget. When it comes to making your time travel fantasies a reality—well, a virtual reality—the last word is Sciob Sceab.