List of services:
  • Sciob Sceab Edutainment acts as a pre-production house for any production company that contracts it to handle the scriptwriting, storyboarding and voice recording for an animated project.
  • For the heritage sector, it offers a historical recreation service that ranges from writing character vignettes and dramatisations for exhibitions to ultimately creating bespoke VR and AR content designed around, say, a museum’s key exhibits.
  • It seeks to hire out its research and writing skills to other education companies. When it comes to concept work, we are good at tough sells and like finding the angle of approach that opens up any niche topic to a wider audience, surely an asset to any education project.
  • The same goes for businesses in general: if you need someone to write web and advertising content that pitches your product in a clear and appealing way then Sciob Sceab Edutainment can help with its copywriting service.
  • Finally, at experienced hand at scriptwriting at this stage, we would like to work with other filmmakers/ animators to help them work up their own ideas or create original content for them.


We also offer the following services:

  1. Book to film script adaptation
  2. Script consultancy
  3. Development editing, copy-editing, general research and proof reading
  4. Irish language translation